Scott  Thomas  Savol

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(What my name means ...)

Singing Can Overcome Turbulent Times

Towards Happiness Ordinary Man Arduously Seeking

Success And Victory Over Love

From humble beginnings to performing in front of millions of people, Scott has appealed to the working class, the average Joe.  Born in Cleveland OH to Eddie & Cathy Savol, he is the second of 4 children (Stacy, Patricia & Michael).  His love for music started at an early age of 5 when he sang in his sister's baptism.  By age 7, he was singing duets with his aunt.  In high school he had some vocal training when he joined the school's choir & also learned how to play the piano & trumpet.  After getting his GED, he worked at various odd jobs from working at a pizza parlor to being a security guard for a warehouse place & a corrections officer at a county jail.  A stroke of luck lead him to audition in Cleveland in the summer of 2004 for American Idol when they increased the age limit to 28.  His passion & determination to reach his dream has been appropriately summed up by Paula Abdul in one word, "Moxie,"  according to the American Heritage Dictionary it means, "the ability to face difficulty with spirit, nerve, guts."  As a single parent to his then 4 year old son, Brandon, his mind is set towards reaching that goal.  He said, "I want to give him the kind of life that I didn't have."  

"I've been quite busy the last few years and I'm going to bring in more happiness in my life with God's guidance and everyone's support. I'm working on a new project right now and it will have a totally different vibe." Scott said. 

He is true to his word & continues to pursue his dream.  After all, he is an ordinary man...with an extraordinary gift.